Don't Wait - Create: Welcome to the Nano Revolution

Don't Wait - Create

(Welcome to the Nano Revolution)

I asked myself the question recently "What's Next", Normally when I ask myself this question it is directed, what is next in social media, what is next in smart phones, but this time it was what was next in technology, and via technology what is next in society. My minds wanderings and thoughts went back to some ideas I had a number of years ago on Nanotechnology and where it would take us as a society and a people. I of course did some real quick net research on where we are with the latest nano research and nano tech as it is imagined is still on the horizon. Which is weird in a way, as nano tech as it was concepted was clearly outlined in the 1980's by Drexler, and when I got introduced to it was in the big push around the turn of the century. But still no nano assemblers or fabricators. Nano tech is just considered to be a issue or idea by the masses and not even a real thought. This tech should be bringing about an arms race that would dwarf the cold war era. We should have a program pushing this harder than we did the race to the moon. Why I ask are we not.

Don't Wait - Create... I read that somewhere, and when I set here and think about the implications of this technology I can not control myself in excitement for what it will do for our society. Can I create nano assemblers. No! Can I broaden the discussion, formulate some ideas, educate some people and try to change the consensus, certainly. I neither have the resources nor the machinery to really participate in the nano tech revolution. But I have a mind and a very creative mind at that. I have a business background and the ability to organize individuals. And through technology I have a means to communicate a message. So welcome to my new obsession.

Nano Revolution. It is coming and it can be great. In that sense I am formulating a think tank that I plan to formulate into a company or at the least a movement. At the moment I am calling it United Nano. If you are interested in pushing forward a arms race on nano tech message me. If you are interested in my thoughts, you might want to follow this blog, I have some thoughts you might find interesteing...


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