Sunday, December 23, 2012

Facebook Poke App....Really Facebook?

Out of all the things Facebook can create a unique iOS app for the iPhone for... They choose to do a poke app. Why Facebook. Poke wars is so...2010... Give us something useful, like voice tagging, or a Walkie Talkie... But poking...oh goodness.

Did I mention that they added in the function to send timed erase photos, messages, and videos... Who said again that Facebook would only get you in trouble with your marriage, well Facebook is giving you the tools to sneak around, or in my case with 4 boys and one of hem being a teenager, it gives them the ability to automatic remove data.

Come on Facebook amaze me...don't poke me..

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Who's Going to Win the Online Movie War

I just noticed today after I published a video up to YouTube of my son that YouTube has its own Movie purchasing system. This is new to me, but it makes sense. I like the ideal of having all my viewing experience in one place. Yes, I want to know what the player will be like. Yes, it seems to play on all Google Devices, and is apart of Google Play. The Big Thing For Me though is with all the players in the market, Apple, Walmart and countless others, the question is who do I think will last the longest and give me access to my purchased movies, who will continue to make devices that will allow me to view my movies on them. Google is a big player in all of the markets I feel I will be playing in. There is one problem, Google bases everything off of your gmail address, so you better pick one and like it, as that one will be your life. All and all I think I like the ideal, a Google version of Airplay for a Google version of Apple TV would be my future wish.