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Rise of the Nano
Molecular Cybernetics It’s Design and Application
By Clyde L. Hays
Rough Draft
January 26, 2004

Abstract:Rise of the Nano is an overview and technical paper dealing with the new field of Molecular Cybernetics, a type of nanotechnology that is made of individual solid-state semiconductor polygons thirty nanometers cubed that act as artificial molecules through the control of artificial atoms. Aspects covered are technical specifics in hardware such as design and manufacturing, then software parameters like polymorphous networks and interface modules, and lastly applications such as assemblers and disassemblers, Nano computers, and Nano machines.

Table of ContentsCover Abstract Table of Contents Acknowledgements About The Author Introduction Molecular Cybernetics, the “Breakthrough” Hardware Quantum Dots Cubes, Hypercubes, and Qmotes Quantum Generator Circuitry Manufacturing Software  Polymorphous Networks

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